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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  January 19, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PST

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>> good morning, everyone. i'm carolyn tyler. thanks for joining us on this sunday, january 19th. let's start a quick first look at the weather with our meteorologist lisa argen. >> hey, carolyn, good morning to you. upper elevations are mild, in the 50s. but in our valleys once again it's chilly, near 30 degrees in santa rosa. 40 in oakland with the upper 30s at the coast. a little cooler there. but with this dry air mass we are going to warm up quickly to the low 60s by noontime. upper 60s, perhaps some 70s today for a few more records. clear skies tonight. temperatures will take a hit during the upcoming work week. i'll let know where and when in
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a few minutes. >> thank you. a good samaritan comes to the rescue of a tourist who fell into the san francisco bay. the tourist from taiwan fell near the bridge at torpedo bay. we have the details. >> it feels good. feels very good. >> aaron is talking about what it was like to help save the woman who fell off torpedo by and into the bay near the bridge. he took off his shoes and jumps, joining another good saw marian who was already in the water. >> he was taking in water, having struggle, having difficulty holding her up by himself so that's when i made the decision to go. shortly before 5:00 p.m. she was opt pier. she was taking photos when show packed up and tripped over the edge. he was among three people who jumped in to save her. >> i was able to get my around
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the pile remember and bryce my feet and hold her up with another arm and guys dropped a fish net down to help me. >> the coast guard and fire department arrived and performed cpr which got the woman breathing on her own again. he was here to watch the sunset with his brother, who is from south carolina and who is visiting here for the first time. >> i'm proud of him. he has medical experience and he saved the girl. he's a man. >> he used to be a lifeguard along the atlanta ocean. >> i did it for about five years, hilton head and myrtle beach. water is a little bit colder out here. >> he's made dozen of rescues before, but none quit like this. in san francisco, john alston, abc7 news. this morning a man is in serious condition after a shooting in vallejo. it happened near santa clara and capital streets around 2:30 yesterday afternoon. police found an unconscious man
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with a single gunshot wound. he was found behind the wheel of this black nissan maxima crashed into a parked consider and a street sign. he was taken to the hospital in critical condition. tonight friends and flame are mourning a teenager killed in a light rail crash in san jose. police are still trying to figure out just how it happened. abc7 news reporter lisa amin gulezian has the latest. ♪ >> she was an amazing person. whenever she went into a room, the room would light up. >> she was danica garcia, and danica loved to sing. ♪ >> the 14-year-old was going to sing this song in front of the entire school at a rally. instead, there was a moment of silence in her honor. danica was riding her bike to
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delmar high school at 7:30 friday morning. she was crossing the vta light rail tracks when the horrible crash happened. >> one of the arms from the train wasn't going down so she was riding her bike and then all of a sudden she didn't see the train and she just hit the train. >> this witness was walking behind her moments before, but stopped. he heard the alarm bells. he said danica was wearing headphones at the time. >> she was really grit friends. like she was always there for me. if i told her something was wrong, she would rush to me in just a moment. >> we were so close. we are all like family to each other. >> she was honestly like one of our sisters. >> the sheriff's department is investigating whether the arm did in fact come down. in san jose, lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. in san francisco, officials are investigating a collision between a rental car and a muni
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bus at north point and powell streets last night near fishermen's wharf. the bus driver was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. the people in the rental car were not hurt. both vehicles suffered significant damage. all this hot, dry air has meant more wildfires here in the bay area. flames broke out on a hillside in half moon bay about 2:30 yesterday afternoon. the fire burned two and a half acres of grass. no structures were damaged. crews have finally contained a-week-old fire in marin county, although the fire did not cuss any serious damage it was a tough one for firefighters to get to. >> some of these firings they are inaccessible take a little time to get into. this one in particular had 15-foot decadent bush that has no fire history back into the 40s. due to this the crews had to actually cut line into the fire, make a safety zone and then make the attack. >> last week the marin county fire department brought back
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seasonal firefighters because of our dry conditions. this afternoon, as you know, the 49ers will be taking on the seahawks in the nfc championship game. yesterday fans were already out in force in seattle. a 49ers rally broke out on the seattle streets. all decked-out in red and gold and waving quest for six towels, niners fans are making sure san francisco is represented in the pacific northwest. abc7 news sports anchor mike shumann has the details. >> who's got it better than us? nobody! >> what's the final score? >> the final score? >> yeah. >> it's going to be niners. >> we are here for two weeks. >> you are from san francisco and you live in seattle. how tough is this for you? >> extremely tough. every sunday i have to go to a bar to watch the game. [chanting]
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>> let's go niners! >> i was plenty of family in san francisco and hit me up for tickets but they are stingy up here. quest for six! >> who's got it better than us in. >> nobody! >> and schu will bring us complete postgame coverage from seattle, including vernon view. our exclusive one-on-one with the niners vernon davis. and you can also follow schu on twitter @mike shumann. >> muni has replaced the historic f street cars and downtown cable cars with buses, all this because muni wants to minimize the potential for
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trouble before and after the game, regardless of the outcome. >> i guess that's what you have to do if your fans are too rowdy and uncontrollable, as we know them to be, unlike seattle seahawks fans. that's unfortunate. >> well, muni doesn't want a repeat of this when vandals smashed and torched two muni buses after the giants won the world series back in 2011. >> in truckee a little in your face from niners fans to seattle. folks this ski resort built a replica of the seahawks logo in the snow and then had a bulldozer snatch it down. they hope to bulldoze the seahawks and go to the championship for the seventh time. >> we are chilly in the valleys this monk san francisco, a mild 53 degrees. the winds are calm everywhere. it is a spare-the-air day today. the 29th of the winter season. we will talk about that and when
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these temperatures will be coming down. any rain? well, we will talk about it next. >> thank you, lisa. also next the award show season continues. we have the wig winners at least nights awards and the abc show that was a big winner. plus -- >> just as i was there, but honestly, i don't think it's a good example for kids it watch that on tv. >> well, the bachelor backlash. who the abc news bachelor was talking about and the fallout want to play hide and seek? yeah! 1... 2... 6... 10! [ female announcer ] piña colada yoplait. it is so good when you need a little escape. [ mom ] still counting.
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[ female announcer ] wherever morning brings you, bring the energy you need. nature valley soft-baked oatmeal squares. softly baked, made with hearty oatmeal and a drizzle of cinnamon. they're nature valley's take on a morning classic. because when you keep going, the morning can bring you to brand-new places. ♪ nature valley. nature at its most delicious. >> welcome back, everyone. it is 5:11 on this sunday
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morning. thank you for waking up early to watch the abc7 sunday morning news. this is a live look from our roof cam. you see the beauty of the bay bridge there. we are officially in a drought. what will the weather be like today and beyond? lisa argen along shortly with the full accuweather forecast. this morning firefighters in australia are trying to get an upper hand on the more than 90 wildfires burning across its most populous state. the fires are concentrated in new south whales, burning at least three homes in a village west of sidney. officials say heat we've conditions last week intensified flames that destroyed 25 homes in neighboring victoria and south australia. at least 325,000 acres have burned. authorities say those fires were sparked by lightning strikes. fans of a popular daly city eatery will soon have to find
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another place to gather. our media partner, "the mercury news, reports joe's westlake is set to close january 26th, a week from today. the restaurant, which some consider a peninsula institution, will close for remodeling after 57 years in business. it will be reopened by new owners in 2015, but there are no jobs for current employees. controversy this morning after anti-gay remarks made by the star of reality tv show the bachelor. both abc and juan pablo are apologizing over the comments made to an entertainment website. here's abc news reporter with the details. >> he's the 32-year-old former professional soccer player. now the first latino star of abcs the bachelor. but when pablo is making headlines for what he said at a party when a reporter asked if it would be a good idea to have a gay or bi-sexual bachelor.
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>> just 'cuz -- honestly, i don't think it's a good example for kids to watch that on tv. >> he cited his upbringing. >> people have their husband and wife, and with kids, that's how we are brought up. now there's fathers having kids and it's hard for me to understand that. >> then he went further. >> and just this thing about gay people that it seems to me, you know, i don't know if i'm mistaken or not, i have a lot of friends, but they are more pervert in a sense and to me the show would be too strong, too hard to watch on tv. >> the production company responded with his comments were careless, thought less and insensitive and in no way reflect the views of the network, the show's producers or the studio. >> pablo himself issued a
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statement on face back apologized for the statements and said he has nothing but respect for gay people and their families. >> he writes the word "pervert" is not when i meant to say and i am very sorry about it. everyone knows english is my second lang. what i meant to say is gay people are more affectionate and this would be too racy for some people to accept. new york. >> a con artist's show is the best to beat after taking an award lift night after the 20th annual screen actors awards. >> "american hustle.." >> abc sitcom modern family also snagged an award for best ensemble and matthew mcconaughey won outstanding performance by a male actress for his leading role in "buyers club."
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jared leto won best supporting actor for his role in "dallas buyers club." don't forget, abc7 is the only police where you can see the big award show, "the oscars" and it happens right here on sunday, march 2nd. there will be plenty of accomplices for 49ers fans to gather today to watch the nfc championship game against the seahawks. you may recall fans crammed better and attended watch parties earlier this month to cheer on the niners during the postseason. now with the team inching of closer to the super bowl, bars are gearing up for a repeat. the mission district will hold a viewing party from noon to eight and the the mission neighborhood plans to host a block partied to starting at 1:00.
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49ers fans are showing off their playoff pride as we close in on this afternoon's championship game. you know that little guy there, lisa, my nine-year-old nephew, solomon tyler, wearing his colors and saying we are number one. >> go 49ers! >> and this little girl is showing her 49 pride and eating it too. check out the 49er pan kicks. e-mail your video and photos to us. did you know we have a competition going with the after bc decision in seattle to see who has the best fans? seattle's elliot bay or the san francisco bay area? to shoot, all you need to do is go to abc7 news facebook page and like this post. whoever has the most likes by kickoff wins. so let's show seahawks fans nobody's got it better than us. right, lisa? >> that's right.
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>> yeah. what's the weather like there? we can probably beat them with that, except that we are dry. >> yeah. they are dry too. temperatures there will hit about 50 for a high but by game time mid-40s. we are lacking at some of the 40s this morning all around the bay, especially in oakland and in our east bay. but some of the 30s in our north day valleys. the winds are very light and as a result temperatures will be dropping to near freezing in those spots. no clouds to speak of. from the roof camera a mild 53 degrees downtown with 42 in oakland. look for 37 in redwood city and half moon bay has dropped into the upper 30s. so it's a cooler start on the coast. but los gatos at 40 degrees. could be much cooler but we will look for the numbers to be cool here in our north and east bay. petaluma once again into the upper 20s with 34y concord, 36 livermore. santa rosa at 30 degrees. here's a look at sfo. no delays.
5:19 am
air quality, though, from our inland east bay now, that adds to the poor list, as well as the coast in central bay and our north bay. so definitely the air quality around the bay is healthier in the santa clara valley and south central bay than it is elsewhere. this is the 29th spare the air alert for the winter season. we will look for the light winds again to allow for very little mixing and with mild to warm conditions on tap through today, the holiday tomorrow and tuesday, we have got the same old pattern here. but the cooler weather heads our which on wednesday and thursday with a we can system that will manage to drop our temperatures. so here's where we stand right now with temperatures mainly in the upper 50s to 60 for the norms. where the as industries, are, that's where we could see the records again today. yesterday about four or five records. this afternoon with low 70s on tap once again, 11 it 15 degrees above average. so the percentage of normal, well, you guessed it.
5:20 am
very, very weak with 20% season to date at oakland. 23% san jose. 18% in the city and just 11% up in santa rosa. we are looking are to this ridge of high pressure for another day to stay locked in place and the light offshore flow allowing for the dry atmosphere to have temperatures rise rapidly after sunrise. once again, this could allow for a few records to fall this afternoon. looking at high surf advisory southern california, 81 there. 82 in palm springs. this is january! 71 monterey, and temperatures from the upper 60s at our coast to about low 70s from san jose to livermore. richmond 68. 68 in son rafael and san francisco. the accuweather seven-day forecast, spare the air. look at the changes. not until the middle of the week with just maybe a cool down of 5 degrees or so. wednesday thursday a weak system increases the clouds. finally, saturday we could see a
5:21 am
red flag work. we have another great weather resource for you to follow. follow us on twitter for the latest bay weather conditions rain or sign, spare the air alerts and power outage info and tweets from your favorite weather team. we are looking at the end of the month anybody for a pattern change. that's 10, 11 days away. >> we kept hoping for something to change. >> i know. it always looks like it's going to and doesn't. >> thanks, lisa. up next, a little northern california piggy saved from big bad dog. the effort to keep him alive and help him recover.
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when you find something this good, you want to spread the word. [ all ] we're the pearsons, and we love chex! >> a booming california industry is the latest targeted by organized crime. it is the nut describe. this season there have been single heists of $400,000 in walnuts, $100,000 in almonds and also pistachio. they are selling the nuts on the black market. the reason they are worth so much, demand nor nuts in the u.s. and china has grown dramatically. california's nut industry takes
5:25 am
in nearly $10 billion a year. they have teamed up with the at this time to create a specialized task force to help make the crops more secure. this morning a baby pig is on the road to recovery after being severely hurt in a sacramento dog attack. on friday animal control officers got a call for an injured pig and arrived to find the pig let let bleeding with a pretty bad eye injury. everyone pitched in to help. >> to bring him back here, clean him up, bring him home and nurse him back to health and have co-workers -- management that supports this and co-workers that want to help out so it's an awesome feeling. >> the pig, he did lose an eye but he's getting used to that. the company tan will recover in a foster home and then be put up for adoption. following up now on a story from earlier this month. the mountain lion believed to have killed a family's dog in
5:26 am
california, may have struck again. a home surveillance come raw caught a mountain lion at a home in early january just before it killed an 80-pound boxer. it believed the similar animal attacked two other dogs. they survived. ten deciliter the similar lion return and went after a chihuahua mix as her owner watched in horror. >> we her the dog crying and my dodd got up and looked and hecy had over the dog with the dog in its mouth. >> the extreme drought is bringing animals into residential areas searching for food and water. the mountain lion is a protective species so under the law they cannot be captured or relocated. some military moms are presenting quilts of valor to several bay area residents. they give quilts to 25 veterans to honor their service to the
5:27 am
nation. the quilts were handed out during a ceremony at the american legion post. the quilts of valor organization began back in 2003 as a tech ebb for appreciation for their sacrifice and valor. all those beautiful quilts are sewn by military parents and volunteers from the community. a teenager forced out of school because of a serious injury is not missing a moment of class thanks to a robot. 15-year-old keith griffin broke both his knees playing basketball last week. to help, in stepped this robot with a screen and live streaming camera for a first t allows the real keith to attend classes from home while his robotic counterpart fills in for him in the classroom. keith can virtually raise his hand by hitting a button and triggering a light. the service is donate bid a nonprofit that helps sick or
5:28 am
injured children stay up to dit in school, while at home or in the hospital. up next on the abc7 sunday morning news, the flu now taking a toll on young victims and the new restrictions being put into place to protect you. and good news for california universities, but it might be bad ♪ [ birds chirping, twinkling noises ] you're always after me lucky charms!
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e been denied ewelcome to covered california. now, you can no longer be denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition. enroll today at . >> welcome back. let's start this half-hour with a quick look at the weather with meteorologist lisa argen. >> carolyn we are in the low 50s in san francisco. cool in the north bay with calm winds. temperatures dropping below freezing. we will be looking at numbers
5:31 am
continuing to drop. the sun not coming up until after 7:00. low 40s on the peninsula. this afternoon plenty of sunshine burks it is a spare-the-air day today. we will look for the air quality to be worse in the north bay with the hazy conditions east bay and around the coast, the central bay. the 29th spare the air alert of the season. later on today temperatures once again could see a few record brickers from the upper 60s to low 70s all around the bay. the winds will be light. we look at this ridge of high pressure to stay with us for the next several days. does it include the holiday tomorrow? i'll let you know in a few minutes. carolyn. >> lisa, thank you. the u.s. con teemed yesterday's tal been attack in afghanistan that killed three americans. 21 people died when a suicide bomber entered the front of a restaurant and blew himself up. his two insurgents came in behind and opened fire. the taliban said the attack is retaliation for an afghan military operation the week
5:32 am
before. >> president barack obama said he will not allow u.s. spying to damage relations with germany and other allies. he made that pledge during an interview that aired last night on german television. this, after reports the u.s. nsa agency had monitored communicationings of european citizens and listened in on german chancellor's cell phone. this week george stephanopoulos goes one-on-one with the russian president vladimir putin. with the olympics coming up, putin speaks with george stephanopoulos from sochi in his first interview with a u.s. broadcaster in three years. you can catch it right her at 8:00. the university of california and california state university systems are reporting more students than ever applying for a higher education. applications for u. c. schools
5:33 am
jumped nearly 5% and the out-of-state and international plants grew by 20%. those students by much higher tuition, which adds more revenue for the school systems. it also means fewer in-state students could be helped. on csu campuses, applications are up nearly 10% from two years ago. california's obama care health exchange website has temporarily stopped accepting applications. the enrollment portal is off-line until 5:00 tuesday morning for maintenance and upgrades. people will still be able to access the site for information but will not be able to enroll for healthcare, that is until tuesday morning. so many people are coming down with the flu that we are officially in a flu epidemic. here in the by area county health departments report a total of 23 flu deaths. the latest victims are two south bay women ages 52 and 62. abc news reporter michelle
5:34 am
franson has a look at what's happening across the u.s. >> the flu is now widespread in 40 states. all indianapolis area hospitals will begin restricting visitors. those with flu-like symptoms, including a fever or cough, will not be allowed to visit patients. >> the biggest thing is not to go out and infect other people. >> the flu is taking a toll on the most vulnerable. in the past week alone, ten children have died. in tennessee 11-year-old girl came down with h1n1, the most common strain of the flu virus right now. she died nearly 72 hours later. >> it was just more than her body could handle. it was just more than her heart could take. >> savannah had not been vaccinated. neither had this 13-year-old in texas. she died of complications from the flu. but doctors say a flu shot is still the best defense. even though doctors repeatedly advised people about the
5:35 am
benefits of the vaccination, one in five parents say they don't give their children the flu vaccine for fear they will get the flu from it, which is a medical myth. >> i'm ready. >> the flu season goes until april. it's not too late to get a flu shot. >> it is it usually take a full two weeks to get the complete effects from the vaccine. some benefits start to kick in right away so sooner is better. >> and there's still plenty available. abc news, new york. >> and the center for disease control has a flu shot finder's map to help you find a clinic near you. we have a link on a. bc7 under "see it on tv." health officials say cases of whooping cough are on a rise across the state. the "sacramento bee" reports 20 more cases were reported in 2013 than 2012. officials say one reason for the up tick is the increasing number of parents opting out of
5:36 am
immunizations for their parents. while they recognize the vaccine could have serious side effects in rare cases, they say whooping cough itself pose as greater risk and recommend children be vaccinated. >>. >> they are looking to end a 49-year-old mystery. they are look forth wreckage of a plane that crashed on new year's day 1965. four people were on the plane. only one body was recovered. the brother of a 15-year-old on the plane has vowed to find him. one diver said it's going to be difficult no matter what they find. >> my expectation is that the tail half of the plane is off. that we have one wing and the fuselage intact. deteriorated, of course. and the possibility of two, if not three bodies within it. >> well, california's drought is helping in this search, since the lake is at its lowest level in years.
5:37 am
however, divers are being hampered by the large amount of silt in the lake. there will be two special services at glad memorial church in snap today honoring dr. martin luther king, jr. ahead of tomorrow's holiday. hundreds will gather to celebrate the civil rights leader's legacy. today's celebrations get underway at 9:00 and 11:00 this morning. they are free and open to the public. dozens of people gathered yesterday outside san francisco's bay view opera house to honor dr. king. >> we can get it done! >> yeah! >> we can overcome what's happening in our neighborhood. we can overturn what's helping in the world. all you have to do is claim it. >> it included marching from the opera house to m. l. k. pool singing "we shall overcome." it's the first after series of events sponsored by the
5:38 am
san francisco recreation and park department. >> two fill an though pivots have stepped forward to cover costs of hosting the special day for bat kid. the san francisco chronicle reports john and marshall goldman has handed the city for $105,000. that covers all the expenses for the event. they supported the make-a-wish foundation for some time. that event brought thousands of people into the streets to show their support. ahead on the abc7 sunday morning news, why the unusual weather we are having has even the trees and the plants confused. and here's a live look from our emeryville cam in the city of emeryville today. right now low 40s. climbing into the 70s. it could be a record-breaker. lisa argen will have [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso. i just served my mother-in-law your chicken noodle soup
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>> today bargain hunting brides-to-be have a chance to raise money to fight breast cancer in san francisco. 1,000 designer and brand name gowns will be on sale at deep, deep discounts thanks to the bides against breast cancer nationwide tour of gowns. proceeds from the sales go to help cancer patients and their families. deep discounts include gowns selling for just $99. the sale runs from 11:00 to 4:00 p.m. today at the westin hotel on third street. a love struck cyclist used a gps help tracking app to ask for his girlfriend's hand in marriage. it they wrote in the shape of a
5:42 am
heart with the words marry me emily with it inside. it was logged by the gps tracker. by the which, emily said yes. that's a pretty innovative which there, i would say. >> i would say so. we are starting out with the typical cool conditions. clear sky, light winds. san francisco we have a balmy 53 degrees. this is the exploratorium come are you. we are looking temperatures here once again well into the upper 60s, 70s elsewhere. maybe some records. but with the spare the air day we have unhealthy air. and a look at the end of the month when we return. >> thank you, lisa. also ahead, the warriors find their team defense against the pelicans a missing ingredient in their last two losses but did it lead to a win? collin resch has the highlights [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso. i just served my mother-in-law your chicken noodle soup but she loved it so much... i told her it was homemade. everyone tells a little white lie now and then. but now she wants my recipe
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[ all ] we're the pearsons, and we love chex! >> welcome back, everyone. it's 5:45 on this sunday morning. thank you for joining us here on the abc7 sunday morning news. this is a live look from our san mateo bridge. it's going to be dry today there and everywhere. it's also a spare-the-air day. no woodburning yet again. lisa argen will be along with your accuweather forecast in just a few. our long, warm winter has created an unusual but colorful phenomenon. you might have noticed it. flowers popping up in january, tricked into accounting like it's spring. but there is a downside. abc7 news reporter david loui has more from san jose.
5:46 am
>> reporter: landscape architect leslie dean designed his front yard but it was mother nature who tricked the plants into thinking it was spring already. month of the flowers are months early. >> i wouldn't call them confused, i would say they are following their natural sense to grow when the weather is warm. >> reporter: geraniums normally bloom in summer. lavender in springtime. and what happens to tender shoots in the harsh winter returns? >> you might find the new growth is damaged with cold frost because it has not been hardened off yet for the winter season. it would normally have a growing season to harden those leaves off with some wax or just the thickness of the leaf. >> to the south in san jose. valerie walked us around her garden which is use today for educational programs for the california native garden foundation. this is flouring and so is this plant which normally doesn't flower for another two or three
5:47 am
months. a change back to normal winter weather could inflict economic damage. >> if we got a freeze, it means all those flowers are going to fall off. if there are any fruit that starred to set, that's all going to fall off. so you will get, you know, lower production and prices will reflect it. >> that's important to cherry growers. they need to make sure the fruit trees know it's still winter so they city dormant. >> a lot of farmers are ear get to go keep the soil as nice and cool as they can to ward off the heat in the daytime and we are just keeping our fingers crossed. >> david loui, abc7 news. >> a lot of impacts with this dry weather. i know my allergies are really flaring, as well. >> just don't shoot the messenger because we have more still coming. >> you are still my buddy. >> more 70s out there and in fact they are going to stay with us throughout the holiday tomorrow. tuesday some subtle changes
5:48 am
ahead. but we are hoping for a change by the end of the month maybe. live doppler 7hd with clear conditions. the light winds and really no cloud cover except for what is offshore. here's a look from our roof camera. notice the trees are not moving. we are looking at those cool readings as the warmer air drains into the valleys. so we are getting cooler as you go down the peninsula, but it's mild in san francisco at 53. 42 in oakland. san jose is 37. half moon bay a cooler day today with numbers in the upper 60s just by a few degrees. at emeryville we are lacking at numbers in the upper 20s. below freezing here and concord coming in 34. 36 in the livermoreville. exploratorium camera, a spare the air today. almost getting to a record. we are at the 29th of the season. 30 is the record for 2006-2007. mild to warm through tuesday as the ridge of high pressure stays locked in place. but cooler temperatures as a we
5:49 am
can system rides over the ridge come wednesday and thursday. so you will notice hits dry all the way up to seattle and into santa. that's because of all of the hs on the map. high pressure with the light offshore flow. could see some records to the around around the bay. we saw a few yesterday. the next ten days outlook, it takes us through the end of january. you notice a few weak systems to the north and some things offshore trying to undercut the ridge. does it happen? no. not through the 29th. but the models do go out another four or five days and we could get something in here by february. but this has been shown week after week. it hasn't verified. so we will have to wait and see and hope we can get some rain in here. in terms of high temperatures for the next couple of days, well above average in san jose. you see the average is 60. today, tomorrow low 70s. a little bit of a dip come wednesday and thursday with that system coming in providing maybe a few clouds in the north bay.
5:50 am
but then after that the ridge builds even stronger. we could see a red flag warning as the offshore winds will take over again come friday into next weekend. so highs ranging from the upper 60s again. san mateo, san francisco, san rafael with low 70s from morgan hill,-moon bay and livermore. 72 in oakland. we are looking at numbers much, much cooler way north where highs will reach about 50 but game time mid-40s, into the lower 40s. sun setting at 4:51. the accuweather seven-day forecast, spare the air today. very little change through tuesday. then cooler. a few more clouds and onshore flow. sounds like summer. then back to the off show floor with perhaps high fire danger into the end of next week. so, yu, go niners! >> go niners! but in terms of the dry spell, you are looking way into february and still don't see any rain? >> no. but it could change, yes. we are just hoping that it may and then that would bring us,
5:51 am
you know, at least a little something that we need. but who knows. >> all right. thank you, lisa. let's check out sports. it is finally here, the nfc championship game now just hours away. kickoff for the 49ers-seahawks game is 3:30 at century link field in seattle. here's collin resch. he has this morning's sports. >> good morning. a field goal underdog. that's what the niners are heading into today's nfc championship game with seattle. they may be 3 point dogs but they be closing to full strength than the seahawks. rein marsments arrived in the secondary. rogers said he's fully recovered from a hamstring injury that's kept him out of the playoffs so far. he will see time in nickel situations. one guy that won't have to worry about defending, seattle's percy harvin who is unable to pass concussion tests this week. >> he's within effective guy but fortunately he's not playing. we have that lot more guys to
5:52 am
deal with. their running game, quarterback, those guys can scramble. once you get outside the pocket. so percy is just another guy and without him the guys will have to step up. >> mike shumann is in seattle. we will have complete post game coverage and another edition of "vernon's view" at 11 when he goes one-on-one with vernon davis after the game. you can also follow him on twitter for an inside look at the championships. sharks ended their three game road trip yet. a hat trick. a not trick plus one? that's really, really good. company tan st. louis, he's 38 years old. that's his second goal of the game. reverse tap. 33 seconds left in the period. st. louis in front, bounces off the face of justin braun to complete the hat trick. early second period, it is the one-timer. st. louis, four goals on antti
5:53 am
niemi in a 10 minute, 11 second game of action. and joe pavelski, a sweet pass. then from his knees gets the pass. ben bishop tied t four minutes left in the second. he tips matt irwin's shot and it goes in. little joe's first career hat trick. finally the game winner, 5-4, the sharks sweep the road trip. the phil dawson lookalike in new orleans taking in the new orleans game. david lee had 22. san none natives had unibrow game. easel good. pelicans by 11. second quarter, steph curry buries the three. 10.15 boards, the english off glass. warriors up 12. 1:15 left in the game. bringing it with the block. warriors win by 10. next up, home against indiana
5:54 am
tomorrow. justin cobbs in cal. sophomore tyler. here with the steal. justin could be, look at that pass. he had 10 s.. cobb of 16. the second half an 18-4 run. solomon five in the game. 12 points. like example, stanford going for it over the washington school. josh throwing it down over the huskies. jason ranscoring a career high 33. stanford 79, and santa clara beaten by byu and williams ousted in the round of 16. today it's on the afc and nfc title games.
5:55 am
liri beil will be in to anchor at five, six, nine and eleven. i'm collin resch. have a great day everyone! >> the amazing creatures found
5:56 am
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>> they are trying to figure out what makes these creatures glow on alcatraz. it's a new species of millipede that glows green under ultraviolet light. they were found under a search for rats. they fed on nontoxic bates fed with fluorescent dye. and up next, how a hero saved the day after a woman fell into the bay. why an injury makes the rescue all that more impressive. and hugs, tears and questions after a teenager is killed by a
5:58 am
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>> good morning, everyone. i'm carolyn tyler. thanks for joining us on this sunday, january 19th. let's start a quick first look at the weather with our meteorologist lisa argen. >> hey, carolyn, good morning to you. we have a light offshore flow once again. very little wind is allowing for the temperatures to drop in our valley. live doppler 7hd not showing anything, but we are looking at a poor air quality north bay, coast, and around the central bay as well as the inland east bay today. that brings us to the 29th spare the air day since november 1 are. you will notice the hazy conditions this afternoon. but this morning down through the upper 20s to near 30 inland. 40 around the bay with upper 30s at our coast. by noontime, though, the chill is gone and we are in the 60s


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